I read this & some tears started flowing.

Yes, we palm-lovers know that technically, biologically palms aren't what's recognized as true trees. But because of their height, and the fact that they do have a trunk which can solitarily grow upwards, and because they have green leaves referred to as fronds that feed them with photosynthesis, and because they do have a root system which sends water & minerals upwards (albeit via an entirely different system than true trees) - that over the years people began calling them trees. (Phew, sorry for that run-on sentence!!) All people aren't into the biology, they just love their looks. And yes, their exotic, tropical aura.

They certainly have provided building materials for many people through the centuries. Even foods. And I'm sure, given your "Jews Love Trees" name, you're aware of the importance of Date Palms throughout the Middle East, even historically. Also California does have an endemic palm, the same where I live too, in Arizona.

Despite what I've said here, I don't want an argument. I'm just sad that you said "I just don’t like them." We're all entitled to our own opinion, and you don't have to grow any palms. I just had to express mine, when I decided to subscribe to a newsletter that was about "trees" - many which I do love. Yet, there are some I absolutely do not. In fact I had one in my front yard taken out, because all it did was constantly shed, so we were getting continuous notices from our HOA. We replaced it, however, with a much nicer tree (not a palm!)

But many, many others love palms. Yes, some describe them as invasive. If they're planted in suitable places, I don't think there's harm in that. Quite a few species help with indoor air health - you know, CO2 in/O2 out.

I wrote in the hope that we palm lovers can coexist with those tree lovers who don't care for palms that give us joy for multiple reasons! Best wishes. (Sorry for the length)

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Thanks for sending me on a rabbit hole thinking of other trees that aren’t trees! Primarily the banana “tree”.

Bookshop.org is a great place for people to write reviews and support independent bookstores! Just in case you wanted an actual place to recommend that wasn’t Amazon affiliated.

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